Being the Visible Face of Christ

- By Rev. Pat Hammond - 

With every card, every note of sympathy and encouragement, every text message and email, every phone call – Christ became visible through you and your actions. You helped me make decisions when I was overwhelmed, you lifted me up when I was beat down, and you took care of my family when I could not.

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Don’t Miss God in the Transition

- By Jana Elkins -

There can be many reasons why we miss God in transitions: lack of trust, lack of faith, fear of the unknown, the list is endless. But is it really worth it to miss God in His transitions of our lives because of our own insecurities towards Him, not so much the situation? Is it worth the risk to go for it with God and not be afraid of the transitions, because God's transitions always leads to transformation?

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Wake Up! Playlist

Four tracks in “Commodity” would make an ideal addition to a morning devotional, perhaps bringing motivation to break out of sleepy rest into prayer and movement. This playlist is provided with suggested activities to add depth to the music’s themes. 

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Presbyterian Summer Church Camps

- By Kathie Douma - 

Our kids at First Presbyterian Church have access to several church camps this summer where they will enjoy nature, make new friends, and grow in their faith and relationship to God!...

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