Our music is an offering to God.

The Sanctuary Choir performs at First Presbyterian Church, Sioux Falls.

Music is an integral part of worship at First Presbyterian Church. The meaning of the Scripture and messages each Sunday are elevated in song. There is so much joy to be shared through music!


Traditional Music

Traditional music has always held importance to our congregation, including classics of choral music, hymnody, and organ repertoire. We have a rich history and appreciation for the great music of the church. Our Sanctuary Choir, Children's Choir, and Handbell Ministry are all great ways to get involved in music at First Presbyterian Church!


Sanctuary Choir

September - May
7:30 pm Wednesdays

The Sanctuary Choir participates weekly in traditional worship on Sundays and meets weekly on Wednesdays for practice. This group covers sacred choral music from the Renaissance to modern compositions. It is a group of dedicated singers of all levels.


Children's Choir

September - May
5:45 pm Wednesdays

The Children’s Choir participates in worship services on a monthly basis, and meets for practice on Wednesdays. This group consists of grades 3-5 and sings music of all kinds, while striving to improve their voices and pitch.

Handbell choir at First Presbyterian Church, Sioux Falls.

Handbell Ministry - Bell Chorale

September - May
9:45 am Tuesdays

Our bell choir plays regularly for worship, typically on a monthly basis. Bell Chorale practice is weekly on Tuesday mornings. We are fortunate to ring on two sets of Schulmerich hand bells, and over four octaves of Malmark hand chimes. We are members of Handbell Musicians of America and we have rung at many events, near and far.

The Praise Band at First Presbyterian Church, Sioux Falls.

Contemporary Music

Our Praise Band serves as the music leadership for the contemporary worship service and brings a vibrant energy to worship. Traditional hymns, familiar praise songs, and contemporary Christian hits are all in the repertoire. The congregation is invited to sing along.


Praise Band at First Presbyterian Church, Sioux Falls.