Caring Ministries


Our caring ministries provide fellowship and a helping hand to our neighbors, friends, and congregation members in difficult times.


Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers provide confidential one-to-one Christian care to those experiencing loss or difficulties in their lives. They participate in many hours of training and after being commissioned, are matched with individuals in need. They walk with those suffering through times of darkness, so they may return to wholeness with God’s help.


Caring Friends

Caring Friends offer support to those who are in health care facilities or homebound. They provide support and friendship, and act as liaison between their friend and the church. The one-to-one relationship often progresses to dear friendships. Caregivers often, but are not required to, take their friend shopping, to doctor appointments, sightseeing in the city, etc. This ministry also has a Grandparent component, where a young person or family adopts a Grandparent.


Bereavement Ministry

This team reaches out to members who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Bereavement Visitors contact members to offer support during the especially difficult time of the first year of their loss.


Elizabeth Ministry

The Elizabeth Ministry is a team that supports women during their child bearing years by cherishing and encouraging young families. New births are greeted with gifts, meal support and other assistance as needed and desired.


Transportation Ministry

Our Transportation Ministry joyfully provides rides to those in need of transportation to worship services and other church activities, using private vehicles. 


Food Friends

Food Friends offer meals to those who have been hospitalized or suffered a major life event and would appreciate the gift of a prepared meal delivered to their home.


Memorial Reception Committee

This team coordinates and prepares food for receptions and fellowship associated with funerals and memorial services. We always welcome new members to the team to help prepare dishes or desserts on short notice.


Senior Events

The Senior Events are held quarterly and provide food, Holy Communion, entertainment, and fellowship for our senior adults. These events are especially meaningful to those who are in health care facilities or are homebound. These church members have the opportunity to attend with their Caring Friends.