CONGRATULATIONS to our Confirmands of 2018!


On Sunday, May 6, six of our students at First Presbyterian Church were confirmed! 


Congratulations to:

Brenna Madison

Ashlyn Madison

Olivia Hruby

Kaylea Rickenbaugh

Elinor Parry

Zachary Horr


Combined Faith Statement of the Confirmation Class of 2018


We believe in the Holy Trinity and that it works together in indescribable ways to guide us.

We believe in God who is the creator of all things good.

We believe in Jesus who is the relatable image of God.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who is in our souls and the souls of those leading us to Christ, if we let it.

We believe in the Bible, that contains the key to life, that it often provides more questions than answers but gives more than what we need.

We believe in the church, that it is the place where we are baptized and raised by the congregation. It’s where toddlers play with playdough in the name of the Lord, where you experience communion. Church is where children learn and grow in their faith, where teenagers are confirmed and become members of the Body of Christ, where adults bring their children, grow deeper in wisdom and faith, serve as the visible face of Christ.

We believe that we will live forever with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the afterlife instead of only living through them on Earth.