New Life in Congregational Care


By Pat Hammond

Pat is the Associate Pastor for Congregational Care at First Presbyterian Church of Sioux Falls. She can be reached at

Pat is the Associate Pastor for Congregational Care at First Presbyterian Church of Sioux Falls. She can be reached at

On August 29th we honor the last day of Jana Phelps employment with FPC as your Congregational Care Coordinator. It has been my great joy to serve alongside Jana for the past two years as your Congregational Care Team. Together we broadened our vision of congregational care as we transitioned into a more holistic view of pastoral care. This new vision includes finding creative ways to connect members of the congregation to more community-wide resources. Besides transforming how we provide congregational care here are a few of the other things we did during Jana’s tenure with us.  As a way to help congregation members reach out to others who might be in need of care we established the Giving Room. The Giving Room provides resources to FPC members and Staff to help them reach out and connect with friends, family, and neighbors who are in need. Members can also visit the Giving Room and select resources for themselves.

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Jana and I secured space and funding to help Pat Boelman and others establish the Pieceworks sewing ministry. This new ministry has exploded into an amazing ministry that is reaching out to numerous organizations within the community and beyond.

Along with Jeanne Kruse and Meredith DeCou we have reimagined Caring Friends into a new intergenerational ministry that focuses on both the spiritual and life needs of members of our congregation. This is the new Friends in Faith ministry. Through friendship, kind actions, and by providing compassionate, caring support for one another we will find ways to encourage and share God’s love with one another.

Many hours were spent in hospital rooms, at care facilities, next to hospice beds, and around kitchen tables. With Jana’s help, congregational care has been broadened, reimagined, and made more holistic. Thank you Jana! We all look forward to seeing you in the pew when you are not serving God’s people in the mission field.


AND as we say goodbye to Jana we say HELLO to Deb Moore! I am very excited to introduce to the congregation your new Congregational Care Coordinator – Deb Moore. Deb will walk right into this position and join the   pastoral care team with ease. In the short time I have known Deb I can tell you this much . . . you’re going to love her!  She found a way to wed her nursing background with her faith and this has produced a compassionate, faith-filled servant of God. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for FPC. Continue reading to learn more about her!

My name is Deb Moore. and I would like to thank you for this opportunity to serve alongside you in the role of the Congregational Care Coordinator. Joe and I moved to Sioux Falls in July 2019 from Brookings, SD. My faith background has included Presbyterian, Methodist, Wesleyan and Baptist! My husband Joe and I met at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at SDSU back in 1984. We were married in 1987, where Brookings has been our home since that time. Joe recently retired from SDSU where he did Administrative   Computing Management. He started working for Avera in Sioux Falls in October 2018. I have spent over 29 years working as a registered nurse for the Brookings Health System.

Our daughter Jodi and her husband Joel Andrews were married in 2014. They are the proud parents of our granddaughter Raya Ann who is 6 months old. They are moving into their first home this August. Joel is employed at Daktronics in the computer department. Jodi is working at SDSU in the English department. Our son Tracy is working in the video editing department for the National Hot Rod Association in Glendora, CA. Tracy’s love for story and editing started back in the 5th grade where he made his first movie using puppets and two video cameras with several other 5th graders. I have always considered my work as a nurse a ministry. I have enjoyed taking 2 units of clinical pastoral education which first started in 1999. I began attending Sioux Falls Seminary in fall of 2017. Joe and I enjoy SDSU basketball games, hiking, bird watching, photography, and playing board and card games. We look  forward to getting to know you over time and learning from each of you as we walk the road of life and faith together.  Deb Moore