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Four tracks in “Commodity” would make an ideal addition to a morning devotional, perhaps bringing motivation to break out of sleepy rest into prayer and movement. This playlist is provided with suggested activities to add depth to the music’s themes.

1st Play:  Track #7 -  “The Cool of the Day” – Read Genesis 1 & 2

This track starts with twenty seconds of silence. Begin reading Genesis, Chapter One as the track begins. The sense of a formless and void earth begins to surface as the wonder begins.  Continue reading through Genesis, Chapter Two.  Short phrases are interspersed with longer ones, creating a music space of a diversifying day and night, birds and fish, to animals on the ground. Think about a favorite sight in nature or animal, and consider the creativity of the Lord.

Available in First Presbyterian Church Library

Available in First Presbyterian Church Library

Jennifer Noble graduated with a Corporate Communications major and has written locally for “Etc. for Her” as well as Sioux Falls charities such as the Ronald McDonald House. In addition, two of her stories are published in compilations, “I’m Glad I’m a Mom” (Harvest House) and “God Still Meets Needs” (CreateSpace).  She is the Communications Manager at First Presbyterian Church. 


A review by Jennifer Noble

“Commodity” represents the band Remedy Drive in their fifth CD compilation. It is ranked #2,692 in Amazon’s Christian Contemporary Music and has 5.0 out of 5 stars. Remedy Drive has a worshipful approach in their lyrics, allowing scriptures to expound in description, much like listening in on a bible study and hearing the various ways one verse will speak so differently to every individual.

2nd Play:  Track #8 – “The Sides of the North” – Instrumental to stretch, walk or run

This instrumental track is an excellent selection following reading Genesis 1-2. About half of the three-minute piece is a repeating chord progression on the keyboard with drums. The second half builds with electric guitar, higher frequencies and high hat percussion.  This is the point in the music where some added movement in stretching, taking a short walk or run, or perhaps even eating breakfast, would feel natural.


3rd Play:  Track #9 – “Throne” – Pray

Troubles. Needs. This song addresses how people of hope, verses despair, hold on to the authority of heaven. It serves to communicate the reminder Christians serve the Kingdom of God, and His authority never ends. As the earth reveals heartaches and hiccups, while listening to “Throne,” this experience provides an opportunity to readdress the throne of God in prayer.


4th Play:  Track #12 – “When a Soul’s Set Free” – Rejoice

Stylistically, “When a Soul’s Set Free” sounds similar to bands like Coldplay or Owl City with ranging vocals, taking an upward journey towards the open, soaring high notes.

It expounds on the concept from Luke 15:10, which says, “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” The excitement in heaven over what is going on from day to day is not always known among individuals, but what is happening on earth to glorify the Lord gets a lot of attention there and is recorded in this scripture and song.