Advance the Vision


By Nathan Esser


One of the perennial questions that we have been asking and reflecting upon throughout the past year is Where is God @ work?  We have asked this question during planning meetings for worship.  We have asked this question while discerning how to engage our neighbors and support our mission partners.  We have asked this question while on mission in Honduras serving alongside our Honduran sisters and brothers.  We have asked this question during a recent visit with our sister church, Tai-An Presbyterian Church, in Taiwan.  We have asked this question during Session and Deacon meetings.  This question, “Where is God @ work?”, has energized our church’s Mission to Connect, Serve and Grow with God and Others as we strive to live out our church’s Vision to be the Visible Face of Christ in Sioux Falls

Leading up to the Annual Meeting of our congregation on October 20, look back upon the ministry and activities of our church in the past year and think about places you have noticed God at work.  Take a moment, pause and give thanks to God for all that we been fortunate to accomplish.  Say it with me, “Thank you God!”  Take into account the people, gifts, commitments of time, generosity and faith represented by each ministry and activity.  In coordination with the Annual Meeting, there will be one worship service at 10:30 am led by the youth of our church.  Stick around and join us for a free will offering lunch after the Annual Meeting.  Members of the Youth Ministry Team will host the lunch; donations support the mission activities of our youth. 

As we continue moving forward through the rest of the year, ask God to show you at least one additional area of ministry to pray for, become involved in, and/or offer what is needed for that ministry to take its next step forward.  Pause right now and think about it.  What comes to mind?  What areas of ministry is God revealing to you?  God has called you to be a part of our community of faith – and I am so glad you are here. Remember, God has called you to our church family for a purpose.  Think about the question “Where is God @ work?” and have the faith and courage to respond to the opportunities and needs of your church and community.

While each doing our part to Connect, Serve and Grow with God and Others, Session has identified three areas around which to focus our efforts.  As a church, we will work together to:

Advance the Vision and Mission of the Church through Intentional Connections and Communication.

Empower Ministries to Explore, Evaluate, Transition and Transform.

Become Servant Leaders through Leadership Development and Church-Wide Servant Leadership Training.

To help us make strides in these areas of focus, Session has approved a budget that includes specific increases for staff compensation, youth programming initiatives, and enhancements to our worship experience, along with a stretch goal for increases in giving.   If you would like the chance to talk about this year’s budget, and more importantly the ministry and vision that those numbers represent, I would love the opportunity to spend time with you.  Please call the church office or send me an email to set up a time to meet.  Thank you for all you do for Christ and for God’s church.